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Do You Need a Water Softener?

Water Softener
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Signs you May Need a Water Softener:
  • Your faucets always have watermarks.

  • There is an excessive buildup of lime and chalk in your sink and shower.

  • Your clothes look dingy and colors are fading.

  • Your skin and hair feel dry or itchy after showering.

  • Your dishes have watermarks and residue on them when drying.

Benefits of a Water Softener



Hard water can cause mineral build up in your pipes and appliances which narrows the area water can flow through. This can lead to costly breakdown repairs to your appliances. 



Soft water helps balance the pH level in your hair and skin resulting in softer hair and skin. It also helps reduce frizz and itchy skin.



Hard water can leave your white clothes dingy and your colors losing their vibrancy. Soft water dissolves detergent more effectively leaving your clothes cleaner and softer.



Hard water leaves spots on your faucets and dishes forcing you to clean more often. It also causes a build up of lime in sinks and showers that is difficult to scrub off.

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