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What We Do

We tend to think of air pollution as something outside -- smog, ozone, or haze hanging in the air, especially in summer. But the truth is, the air inside homes, offices, and other buildings can be more polluted than the air outside. The air inside your home may be polluted by lead (in house dust), formaldehyde, fire-retardants, radon, even volatile chemicals from fragrances used in conventional cleaners.  Contact us today to get the proper air quality products installed in your home or business!

Air Quality


  • Air Cleaners & Purifiers

  • Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers

  • Filters

  • UV Air Treatment & Odor Reducers

  • Humidification

  • Dehumidification

  • Air Exchangers


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can have a major impact on your family's health. That's why we offer IAQ testing through our Air Advice testing system. We can run an IAQ test in your home in as little as 30 minutes. Through the report we are able to offer recommendations to solve your air quality issues. Give us a call to schedule your test!

REME HALO Whole Home In-Duct Air Cleaning System

Not only does it use UV light, but it also has other advanced proprietary technologies to improve the quality of your air. One of which, sets this product apart through its ability to produce low levels of hydrogen peroxide in the air that circulates through your air-conditioning system and indoor spaces. Throughout your air-conditioned space, REME HALO® reduces bacteria, viruses, odors and mold spores in the air and on surfaces. If you want to feel the healthy difference a REME HALO® can make, contact us today!

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